Premium Packs setup

In this document we explain step-by-step how to develop paid content for the XSOAR Marketplace.

  1. Duplicate the demisto/content-external-template repository by clicking Use this template and select to create it as a private repository under your user.
  2. To get your pack in the template repository, follow the guidelines provided in the template repository. Make sure you choose your pricing for the pack.
  3. After you finish the work on the pack you should invite the xsoar-bot user as a collaborator to your repository so that we will be able to review your contribution and add it to our build system. For more information, see how to invite collaborators to a personal repo.
  4. Send the details of the pack to your point of contact, and they will link your contribution to our system.
  5. After we receieve your pack, it enters the Review Phase, in which we review your pull request and provide feedback/comments. In parallel to the review, we perform an internal validation process for your pack. In order to approve your pull request, the following criteria must be satisfied:
    • Pull request build must pass.
    • Implement all feedback/comments that we provide in the pull request.
    • Internal validation process must pass. If the validation process fails, we will update you and explain why it failed.
  6. After we approve your pull request you can merge the pull request.
  7. The pack is now officially available for purchase in the XSOAR Marketplace!
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