The Cortex XSOAR Adopt-a-Pack program provides our technical partners a way to ‘take over’ a pack that was originally written by Demisto or Cortex XSOAR developers. The partner becomes the maintainer and supporter of the pack and receives several benefits as outlined below.

Benefits for our Partner#

Adopting a Pack has several advantages for the partner:

  • Directly control the pack’s roadmap, features and release timing.
  • Receive direct feedback from customers in the form of defects and enhancement requests.
  • Added as a reviewer in GitHub to see all community updates to that pack.

Marketing with Palo Alto Networks#

  • Opportunity to place company name and logo on the pack.
  • Add detailed description and marketing to the pack (see yellow box, below) including links, images, company overview, etc.
  • Engage in marketing activities with Palo Alto Networks (e.g. joint solution blog).

pack example cyren


The process to Adopt-a-Pack is simple:

  1. Partner signs the Palo Alto Networks Technology Partnership Agreement. If you've already signed our agreement, you will not have to sign again. We may need to send you a statement via email but there is no additional paperwork to Adopt.
  2. Partner notifies Palo Alto Networks that they wish to adopt the pack. Important: you must notify us so we can work with you.
  3. Partner opens a PR on the pack. The PR must update the readme (per text below) and increment the version number. This starts the 90 day transition period.
  4. Once that PR is merged, the Partner is able to make changes and updates to the pack via PR(s), but the primary support will remain with Palo Alto Networks. (If the existing pack is not in use, the transition time can be shortened.)
  5. After the 90 day transition period has elapsed, the Partner submits a pull request updating the readme (per text below), support information, and increments the version number and officially takes over the pack!

Text for the Pack#

For partners who received permission for the adoption process, please add the following text to the top of the pack file.

  • At the start of the adoption process: Note: Support for this pack will be moving to the partner around <<Month>>, <<Day>>, <<Year>>. (Be sure to update the date to 90 days in the future.)
  • At the end of the 90 day period: Note: Support for this pack moved to the partner on <<Month>>, <<Day>>, <<Year>>. Please contact the partner directly via the support link on the right. (Be sure to update the date.)
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