Demisto Content Release Notes for version 18.10.2 (13642)

Published on 19 October 2018


4 New Integrations

Updated Integration

  • McAfee ePO The command and commandArgs arguments of the command epo-command are no longer available from the CLI and as playbook inputs, but can still be used in the command.

5 Improved Integrations

  • CrowdStrike Falcon Host Added 2 new commands. For more information, see the CrowdStrike Falcon Host documentation.
    - ___cs-detection-search___
    - ___cs-detection-details___
  • Joe Security Added the URL parameter to integration configuration.
  • McAfee NSM Improved integration outputs. For more information, see the McAfee NSM documentation.
  • ServiceNow Improved integration outputs.
  • VirusTotal - Private API Improved outputs for the vt-private-get-url-report command .