Demisto Content Release Notes for version 18.9.2 (12802)

Published on 20 September 2018


9 Improved Integrations

  • CrowdStrike Falcon Intel Improved integration tolerance in the cs-reports command.
  • Demisto REST API Added the demisto-delete-incidents command.
  • Imperva Incapsula
    • Improved outputs for the in-cap-upload-public-key command.
    • Reorganized the urlDict and commands to match and correspond to the Incapsula API Documentation layout.
    • Added Account Management API Calls.
    • Added Site Management - Rules API Calls.
    • Added Site Management - Data Centers API Calls.
    • Added Infrastructure Protection Test Alert API Calls.
  • IBM QRadar Fixed a bug in which pagination missed some incidents.
  • ServiceNow Rewrote the integration in Python.
  • VirusTotal Lowercase the protocol of a given url.
  • Zscaler Added the following commands:
    • zscaler-get-blacklist
    • zscaler-get-whitelist
  • Rasterize Do not send the Rasterize base64 image as output, because large images can affect system performance. The correct way is to mark the Rasterize entry as note or with a tag.
  • Cisco Webex Team Renamed integration name from Cisco Spark cause of product renaming.


4 Deprecated Scripts

  • DemistoDeleteIncident Use the demisto-delete-incidents command in the Demisto RESTAPI integration instead.
  • WhileLoop Use native loops instead.
  • WhileNotExistLoop Use native loops instead.
  • WhileNotMdLoop Use native loops instead.


Improved Dashboards

  • System Health Updated memory graphs and CPU usage graphs.

Incident Fields

Removed the HTML Image field, because large images can affect system performance.

Incident Layouts

Improved Incident Layout

  • Phishing - Summary Replaced the HTML Image field with the HTML Image section, because large images can affect system performance.