Performs a Yara scan on the specified files.

Script Data

Script Typepython3


Argument NameDescription
yaraRuleThe Yara rule to use for the file scan.
entryIDsA comma-separated list of file entry IDs to scan.


Yara.FilenameThe filename of the file that was scanned.string
Yara.HasErrorWhether there was an error when performing the scan.boolean
Yara.HasMatchWhether the file matched any of the rules.boolean
Yara.entryIDThe entry ID of the scanned file.string
Yara.fileIDThe file ID of the scanned file.string
Yara.MatchCountThe number of rules that matched the file.number
ErrorsA list of errors that occurred during the scan.Unknown
Matches.MetaMetadata about the rule (as defined in the rule itself).Unknown
Matches.NamespaceThe namespace defined in the rule.string
Matches.RuleNameThe rule name that matched.string
Matches.StringsA list of strings that the rule matched.string
Matches.TagsA list of tags that are defined in the rule.Unknown